NetApp silently released their DS4486 shelf at the beginning of June. This shelf marks the first of the 4th generation shelves carrying a whopping 48 disks in a 4U chassis. This new shelf only supports 3TB disks, but with this type of density you’ll be able to pack quite a punch in a single rack.

Some additional information about the shelves:

  • Supported on the following systems:
    • FAS/V3240
    • FAS/V3270
    • FAS/V6000 Series
    • FAS/V6200 Series
  • Requires Data OnTap 8.1.1RC1 or higher
  • No MetroCluster support
  • Requires it’s own stack, meaning no mixing and matching DS4243 shelves, but this is the case with all the disk shelf models that are SAS.
  • Recommended to have four (4) spare disks instead of two (2), this accommodates the evacuation of two disks that are needed to replace a drive.
  • You replace 2 disks at once, not just one disk at a time.
  • Maximum shelves per stack: 5

The DS4486 is currently available to order via your NetApp sales representative.

Disk Shelf Photo:

Disk Tray Photo: