This page is updated on a fairly frequent basis with all the latest NetApp P-Releases. I’m also including a section for recommended downloads which includes the latest version of SnapDrive, MPIO Software, Data ONTAP version. These would all be suggested to be upgraded to or for new installs used.

If there’s a software release you don’t see that I check here often, please comment and I’ll check it more often. 

Also note, all links on this site require registration on the NetApp Support site.

Last Checked: 24-MAR-2019

Recommended Software Versions:


  • Data ONTAP 9.5P2 (link)
  • Multipath I/O 4.1P1 (link)
  • SnapDrive for Windows 7.1.5P1 (link)

P-Release Change Log:

NetApp’s Official Software Change Log:

OnCommand API Services 2.1 (link)

Software Date Version
Data ONTAP (link) UNKNOWN 9.5P2
Data ONTAP (link) 18-MAR-2019 9.5P1
Data ONTAP (link) 15-JAN-2019 9.5
Data ONTAP (link) UNKNOWN 9.4P6
Data ONTAP (link) 21-DEC-2018 9.4P5
Data ONTAP (link) 22-NOV-2018 9.4P4
Data ONTAP (link) 20-OCT-2018 9.4P3
Data ONTAP (link) 07-SEP-2018 9.4P2
Data ONTAP (link) 23-AUG-2018 9.3P7
Data ONTAP (link) 31-JUL-2018 9.4P1
Data ONTAP (link) 05-JUL-2018 9.1P14
Data ONTAP (link) 03-JUL-2018 9.3P6
Data ONTAP (link) 28-JUN-2018 9.4
Data ONTAP (link) 31-MAY-2018 9.3P5
Data ONTAP (link) 18-MAY-2018 9.2P4
Data ONTAP (link) 17-MAY-2018 9.4RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 07-MAY-2018 9.3P4
Data ONTAP (link) 07-MAY-2018 9.1P13
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 26-APR-2018 7.1.5P1
Data ONTAP (link) 10-APR-2018 9.3P3
Data ONTAP (link) 23-MAR-2018 9.1P12
Data ONTAP (link) 08-MAR-2018 9.3P2
Data ONTAP (link) 31-JAN-2018 9.2P3
Data ONTAP (link) 31-JAN-2018 9.3P1
Data ONTAP (link) 25-JAN-2018 9.1P11
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 18-JAN-2018 7.1.5
Data ONTAP (link) 11-JAN-2018 9.3
Data ONTAP (link) 15-DEC-2017 9.2P2
Data ONTAP (link) 08-DEC-2017 9.1P10
Data ONTAP (link) 09-NOV-2017 9.3RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 25-OCT-2017 9.1P9
Data ONTAP (link) 28-SEP-2017 9.2P1
Data ONTAP (link) 15-SEP-2017 9.1P8
Data ONTAP (link) 11-SEP-2017 9.1P7
Data ONTAP (link) 03-AUG-2017 8.2.5
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 25-JUL-2017 7.1.4P1
Data ONTAP (link) 19-JUL-2017 9.1P6
Data ONTAP (link) 29-JUN-2017 9.2
Data ONTAP (link) 15-JUN-2017 9.1P5
Data ONTAP (link) N/A 9.1P4
Data ONTAP (link) 11-MAY-2017 9.2RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 15-MAY-2017 8.3.2P11
Data ONTAP (link) 02-MAY-2017 9.1P3
Data ONTAP (link) 31-MAR-2017 9.1P2
Data ONTAP (link) 14-MAR-2017 8.3.2P10
Data ONTAP (link) 28-FEB-2017 9.1P1
Data ONTAP (link) 16-FEB-2017 9.0P3
Data ONTAP (link) 12-JAN-2017 9.1
Data ONTAP (link) 11-JAN-2017 8.3.2P9
Data ONTAP (link) 20-JAN-2017 8.2.4P6
Data ONTAP (link) 20-DEC-2016 9.0P2
Data ONTAP (link) 13-DEC-2016 9.1RC2
Data ONTAP (link) 30-NOV-2016 8.3.2P8
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 17-NOV-2016 7.1.4
Data ONTAP (link) 16-NOV-2016 8.1.4P10
Data ONTAP (link) 28-OCT-2016 9.0P1
Data ONTAP (link) 28-OCT-2016 8.3.2P7
Data ONTAP (link) 04-OCT-2016 9.1RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 30-SEP-2016 8.3.2P6
Data ONTAP (link) 28-SEP-2016 8.2.4P5
Data ONTAP (link) 01-SEP-2016 9.0
Data ONTAP (link) 30-AUG-2016 8.3.2P5
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 31-AUG-2016 7.1.3P3
ONTAP Select (link) 18-AUG-2016 9.0RC2
Data ONTAP (link) 11-AUG-2016 9.0RC2
Data ONTAP (link) 02-AUG-2016 8.3.2P4
Data ONTAP (link) 05-JUL-2016 8.2.4P4
Data ONTAP (link) 04-JUL-2016 8.3.2P3
ONTAP Select (link) 24-JUN-2016 9.0RC1D1
Data ONTAP (link) 24-JUN-2016 9.0RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 01-JUN-2016 8.3.2P2
Data ONTAP (link) 15-APR-2016 8.3.2P1
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 07-APR-2016 4.0RC1
SnapCenter (link) 31-MAR-2016 1.1
Data ONTAP (link) 31-MAR-2016 8.2.4P3
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 11-MAR-2016 7.1.3P2
Data ONTAP (link) 10-MAR-2016 8.3.2
Data ONTAP (link) 18-FEB-2016 8.2.4P2
Data ONTAP (link) 14-JAN-2016 8.2.4P1
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 07-JAN-2016 7.1.3P1
Data ONTAP (link) 16-DEC-2015 8.3.1P2
Data ONTAP (link) 12-NOV-2015 8.2.4
OnCommand API Services (link) 04-NOV-2015 1.1RC1
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 02-NOV-2015 3.1P1
Data ONTAP (link) 22-OCT-2015 8.3.1P1
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 15-OCT-2015 3.1
Data ONTAP (link) 10-SEP-2015 8.3.1
Data ONTAP (link) 10-SEP-2015 8.2.3P6
Data ONTAP (link) 30-JUL-2015 8.1.4P9
Data ONTAP (link) 28-JUL-2015 8.2.3P5
OnCommand API Services (link) 25-JUN-2015 1.0
Data ONTAP (link) 25-JUN-2015 8.3.1RC1
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 25-JUN-2015 3.0
Data ONTAP (link) 12-JUN-2015 8.3P2
Data ONTAP (link) 12-JUN-2015 8.2.3P4
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 27-MAY-2015 3.0P1
Data ONTAP (link) 30-APR-2015 8.2.3P3
Data ONTAP (link) 22-APR-2015 8.3P1
OnCommand API Services (link) 09-APR-2015 1.0RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 19-MAR-2015 8.3
Data ONTAP (link) 18-MAR-2015 8.2.3P2
Data ONTAP (link) 25-FEB-2015 8.1.4P8
Data ONTAP (link) 08-FEB-2015 8.2.3P1
Data ONTAP (link) 22-JAN-2015 8.2.3
Data ONTAP (link) 09-DEC-2014 8.2.2P2
Data ONTAP (link) 08-DEC-2014 8.1.4P7
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 13-NOV-2014 3.0RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 21-OCT-2014 8.1.4P6
Data ONTAP (link) 20-OCT-2014 8.2.2P1
OC Unified Manager for cDOT (link) 20-OCT-2014 6.1R1
Data ONTAP (link) 19-SEP-2014 8.2.1P3
Data ONTAP (link) 18-SEP-2014 8.1.4P5
OC Unified Manager for cDOT (link) 11-SEP-2014 6.1D1
Data ONTAP (link) 11-SEP-2014 8.2.2
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 04-SEP-2014 2.2.1RC1
OnCommand Balance (link) 28-AUG-2014 4.2
OnCommand Unified Manager Core (link) 31-JUL-2014 5.2.1RC1
Data ONTAP (link) 31-JUL-2014 8.1.4P4
Data ONTAP (link) 25-JUL-2014 8.2.1P2
Data ONTAP (link) 13-JUN-2014 8.2.1P1
Data ONTAP (link) 13-JUN-2014 8.1.4P3
Data ONTAP (link) 21-APR-2014 8.1.4P2
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 19-APR-2014 2.2RC1R1
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 09-APR-2014 7.0.2P3
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 04-APR-2014 7.0.2P2
Data ONTAP (link) 03-APR-2014 8.2.1
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 11-MAR-2014 7.0.2P1
Data ONTAP (link) 21-FEB-2014 8.1.4P1
OnCommand Core Package (link) 21-FEB-2014 5.2P2
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 06-FEB-2014 7.0.2
Data ONTAP (link) 07-FEB-2014 8.2P6
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 30-JAN-2014 2.2RC1
Virtual Storage Console – VMware (link) JAN-2014 5.0X6
Data ONTAP (link) 12-DEC-2013 8.1.4
SnapManager – Exchange (link) 02-DEC-2013 6.0.4P2
Data ONTAP (link) 27-NOV-2013 8.2P5
Data ONTAP (link) 28-OCT-2013 8.1.3P3
Data ONTAP (link) 22-OCT-2013 8.1.3P2
Data ONTAP (link) 11-OCT-2013 8.2P4
OnCommand Workflow Automation (link) 10-OCT-2013 2.1
SnapDrive – Windows (link) 02-OCT-2013 7.0P1
Data ONTAP (link) 23-SEP-2013 8.2P3
OnCommand Core Package (link) 17-SEP-2013 5.2P1
SnapManager – Exchange (link) 14-AUG-2013 6.0.4D2
Data ONTAP (link) 13-AUG-2013 8.2P2
Data ONTAP (link) 13-AUG-2013 8.2P1
Data ONTAP (link) 07-AUG-2013 8.2D2
Data ONTAP (link) 07-AUG-2013 8.2D1
Data ONTAP (link) 01-AUG-2013 8.1.3P1
Data ONTAP (link) 31-JUL-2013 7.3.7P3
Data ONTAP (link) 20-JUN-2013 8.1.3
SnapManager – Exchange (link) 13-JUN-2013 6.0.4P1
OnCommand Core Package (link) 11-JUN-2013 5.0.2P2
Data ONTAP (link) 13-MAY-2013 7.3.7P2
FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter (link) 28-FEB-2013 2.0.1P2
Virtual Storage Console – VMware (link) 07-FEB-2013 4.1P1
OnCommand Core Package (link) 26-NOV-2012 5.0.2P1

Classification of NetApp Releases

Patch (P) Release

A patch release delivers timely fixes for bugs that customers encounter. The majority of customer-requested bug fixes are delivered through patch releases rather than debug (D) releases. P releases are not available before the release is classified as GA.

  • Fixes for customer-encountered bugs.
  • 1-2 months build frequency.
  • QA regression testing of fixes.
  • Significant fixes in a P release are in all subsequent maintenance releases for that feature release family. P releases that are provided after the maintenance release has gone into final testing phase are added to a subsequent maintenance release. Exceptions are clearly communicated in the public report for the controlling bug.

P releases typically follow the previous major or maintenance release—for example, 8.0.1P1 or 8.0.2P2. However, if there is a revision (R) release or a limited (L) release in the interim, the P release numbering is based on the R or L release instead—for example, 8.0.1R1P1 or 8.0.1R1P2.

Debug (D) Release

A debug release is an exception hot-fix release that is used on an urgent, as-needed basis. These releases are not normally planned and are provided only in case of extraordinary need.

  • Provides a specific change for a specific customer.
  • Changes do not automatically roll into the next maintenance release.
  • May be deployed for customer who can’t wait for a P release or the next maintenance release.
  • Not classified as a GA release.
  • Provides fixes that are urgent and cannot wait for the next P release.
  • Have limited testing.

Revision (R) Release

A revision release is an emergency release that is used when a critical fix needs to be deployed to all customers. NetApp recommends that all customers running the previous release should upgrade to the R release immediately. NetApp provides these releases only when it assesses that there is no alternative way to provide the fix in the short term to a wide range of customers. For instance, an R release might not be provided if a maintenance release is coming out soon.

  • Generally triggered by a severe bug that affects a significant number of customers.
  • QA regression and explicit testing of fixes.
  • All fixes in a revision release are included in the next P release and maintenance release on this release family.