Script to list all the VMs that exist within your vCenter Server with their datastore.
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Because I always lose them:


A slightly modified version of a scriptingGuy post to find NetApp software installed from a csv file (export from active directory) Read More

I was asked the other day what happens with maxfiles. Maxfiles has to do with inodes on the NetApp. This can get full due to many small files in a volume and you can still have plenty of space but not have enough inodes.

Basically, increasing the maxfiles cannot be reversed, however when you grow a volume the maxfiles grows as well. When you shrink a volume the maxfiles is still set at what it was and is not shrunk.

The maxfiles also grows if you’ve set a higher maxfiles than what the volume would originally specify but you grow the volume and the new maxfiles for that volume size is higher than what you’ve previously set. Read More

This is to match what System Manger 2.2 creates as a vol type but via CLI, some of us still batch out our commands in notepad so here yah go: Read More

I ran into the issue where Windows was not mounting the Phone’s SD card within windows, so I had to revert back to using adb. This method requires that you’ve download the drivers for your phone, along with the android sdk ( The SDK will download and you extract to any location of your choosing. adb is located in {directory}\sdk\platform-tools\

In case you have an issue with getting your remote device to show up for /sdcard/ the following commands will help you out:

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Ever had a system where you were running 7.3.x and got a new disk shelf intended for a 8.x release and the disks show as broken? Read More

A quick command that I always forget to remember when you want to unown disks from a NetApp where nether filer owns the disks. This can happen when you move a shelf from one controller pair to another.

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