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Powershell: Download VMX file, Rename, Upload, Add to Inventory

I was tasked with migrating a VMware 4.1 to 5.1 environment. This created a slight issue due to the fact that environment ran vShield. For those of you not familiar, vShield on 4.1 had 2 additional lines in the VMX file that was manually added. These VFILE lines caused the VM not to boot if […]

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Powershell: List all VMs with Datastore

Script to list all the VMs that exist within your vCenter Server with their datastore.


VMware 5.x, set drives to SSD

Quick post, sometimes VMware doesn’t detect that you have SSD locally and you you need to force it to enable SSD. I’ll expand on this more and update this post with some screenshots later.


Extents and the Mystery

A post I posted here in the VMware forums and I’m waiting for some reasonable explination on why everyone is afraid of Extents in VMware. Extents and the Mystery

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