Directives from a Director (MSP)


PowerShell – NetApp Gather Volume Information

This is a simple script to gather volume information including dedupe schedule and autogrow settings. I’m going to combine this with my snapshot script in the future to make a recommended dedupe schedule based on the average snapshot times.

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ISY Python Script for controlling media lights via xbmc

Here is a simple python script to use the REST code in the ISY ( to control devices that are linked. I’m designing this script to be used inside a script for xbmc. here’s the first part of it. I recommend using scenes for the devicedim, deviceoff, and deviceon array, however you can use the […]

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Schedule a URL into Maintenance Mode

Found a nice article about how to script a URL (or web application) into maintenance mode. This was a little bit of a challenge to find so I’m reposting it to hopefully get some more attention. I’ve also posted the modified version of the script that allows for multiple watcher hosts. Usage:


Script: Check for Orphaned HomeDirs

It seems no matter how much you try you cannot ever get those damned orphaned homedirs cleaned up. Well, this helps. Our org always has additional groups in the homedir (no, we don’t just let the users have whatever they want in there, so we have to monitor). This causes a little confusion amongst most […]

Preparing for SCCM – enabling Secure Key Exchange

I found this interesting forum post on the msft forums. This code will help you change all your sites to require secure key exchange. here’s the post:


Change SMS Cache Size

This script will change the sms cache size. Usage Example: cscript change-sms-cache.vbs 1000 d: Note: size is in MB


Ping a list of machines from txt

This vbscript pings machines from a text file: change the two variables for your input and output txt files: strPATHout = “C:pingstatus.txt” strPATHin = “C:pinglist.txt”

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