I spent a few hours doddling around with how to do email alerting with the provided VFM scripts. I finally ended up rewriting things just a little, but below is the basics of how to configure VFM to use email alerting.

A quick note, this most likely applies for the Brocade StorageX product as NetApp rebrands StorageX to work with NetApp filers.

This is going to be fairly short and sweet, not a lot of tricks to doing this.

  1. Browse to C:Program FilesNetAppVFMExamplesScriptsReplication (or your install location)
  2. Copy PreEmail.bat and PostEmail.bat to C:scripts
  3. Open PreEmail.bat and modify the line:
    %MailUtil% %MailFile% -to %4 -subject “StorageX replication commencing for link ‘%1′” -q
    blat %MailFile% -t {your to email address} -s “Replication commensing for ‘%2′” -f {from email} -server {smtp server} -port 25
  4. Open PostEmail.bat and modify the line:
    %MailTool% %MailFile% -to %9 -subject “StorageX replication ended for link ‘%SXLink%'” -q
    blat %MailFile% -t {your to email address} -s “Replication ended for ‘%SXLink%'” -f {from email} -server {smtp server} -port 25
  5. Then go to the VFM console
  6. Edit the properties of your replication job
  7. click Replication Scripting
  8. Add the two files
    scripting screenshot
  9. and you’re done