An easy way to upgrade your filer is to issue the following (always run the upgrade advisor prior to upgrades to ensure you’re system is good to go to the version you’re looking for).

  1. download ontap from the NOW site
  2. load that file onto a web server (http)
  3. login to your filer from the console (rlm if preferred)
  4. toasterA> software update http://{ipaddress}/{version}_setup_q.exe -r
  5. toasterB> software update http://{ipaddress}/{version}_setup_q.exe -r
  6. *you should update the disk and shelf firmware at this point to speed the cluster failover time*
  7. toasterA> storage download shelf (Wait to complete)
  8. toasterB> storage download shelf (Wait to complete)
  9. toasterB> cf takeover
  10. … wait for reboot (10 min) …
  11. toasterB> cf giveback
  12. toasterA> cf takeover
  13. … wait for reboot (10 min) …
  14. toasterA> cf giveback