This vbscript pings machines from a text file:

change the two variables for your input and output txt files:
strPATHout = “C:pingstatus.txt”
strPATHin = “C:pinglist.txt”

ON ERROR Resume Next

'Define log paths (disable in portions if not using a reference file)
strPATHout = "C:#activepingstatus.txt"
strPATHin = "C:#activepinglist.txt"

'Define additional variables here
sMsgboxtxt = "ping?" 'message box text here
sMsgboxttl = "ping?" 'message box title here
sLogTitle = "ping?" 'log file title string

'Standard message stating whether you want to do this or not
intReturn = Msgbox(sMsgboxtxt, vbYesNo, sMsgboxttl)
    If intReturn = vbNo Then
        Wscript.echo "Quitting"
    End If

'Create filesystem objects (comment out OBJin if not using reference file)
Set OBJfs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set OBJin = OBJfs.OpenTextFile(strPATHin)
Set OBJout = OBJfs.CreateTextFile(strPATHout,True)

OBJout.WriteLine(sLogTitle & " - " & Now)

Do Until OBJin.AtEndOfStream
   strComputer = lcase(OBJin.Readline)

pingstatus = Ping(strComputer)
OBJout.WriteLine(strComputer & "," & pingstatus)
wscript.echo strComputer & "," & pingstatus


function Ping(sComputer)
    dim objShell, objPing, strPingOut, flag
    set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")   
    set objPing = objShell.Exec("ping -n 3 -w 1000 "& sComputer)
    strPingOut = objPing.StdOut.ReadAll
    if instr(LCase(strPingOut), "reply") then
        flag = TRUE
 if instr(LCase(strPingOut), "destination host unreachable") then
 flag = FALSE
 end if
            flag = FALSE
        end if
        Ping = flag
end function
'close the file
Wscript.echo "Quitting"

' Quit the Script ----------------------------------------------------