Directives from a Director (MSP)


New hosting provider

Just switched hosting providers. I’m using a new host “Site5”. so far very pleased with the setup. Finally getting all the other odds and ends configured on the blog.

New Theme

every once in a while i like to change things up a little, so i changed themes. One thing i noticed was my array of crazy tags off to the right, i’m going to do some cleaning up of those i think.

Blog Change in Direction

I’m going to start to change things around. This blog will become more of a datacenter infrastructure site rather than a SMS/ConfigMgr/Scripting site. I’m going to change my focus on to storage, fiberchannel/ethernet storage networks, datacenter design trends, and high-level project overviews. I still haven’t found alot of time to keep this up to date. but […]

blog error

I just realized I had an issue with the blog. WOW, here I was thinking everything was fine and dandy. Well, it’s fixed now. I’m embarking on an interesting project using Oracle VM and NetApp. I’m planning to document it on this blog. Hopefully I’ll have time!

Using Windows Live Writer

My first post using Windows Live Writer. This seems like it will be quite a nice application for publishing entries. I’m hoping that this will be useful. I especially like the spell check and the WYSIWYG interface where your typing looks like your blog. I also updated some other pages (such as the “about” page) […]


Well, I lost everything on the site, so here we go with creating a new one. Hopefully I can start filling with some content pretty quickly, however I know that that’s not going to happen. It really sucks I lost what I had…

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