Directives from a Director (MSP)


Change SMS Cache Size

This script will change the sms cache size. Usage Example: cscript change-sms-cache.vbs 1000 d: Note: size is in MB


All collections for specific machine

A bit of code from with a report that lists all collections for a specific machine.

error code is 80070005

I’m sure you’ve seen this error in your travels, here’s how to fix it: MSI: Setup failed due to unexpected circumstances The error code is 80070005

Response Buffer Limit Exceeded

Ever get this error: Response object error ‘ASP 0251 : 80004005′ Response Buffer Limit Exceeded Here’s the fix:


WinZip count with version

SELECT ProductName0 AS Product, VersionMajor0 AS Version, COUNT(*) AS Count FROM dbo.v_GS_INSTALLED_SOFTWARE GROUP BY ProductName0, VersionMajor0 HAVING (ProductName0 = ‘winzip’)


VMware / MS VM / Real / Total Count

Garth writes some very useful SMS web reports so I copy them here sometimes:


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