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Designing Disaster Recovery … on a budget

This article is still under construction. There are several options for disaster recovery and high availability. There’s host based solutions, array based solutions, and virtualization solutions. Which to pick? We’re going through a pretty crazy test of products, but we have the same problem as everyone else, we have tons of different storage vendors. So […]

Storage resource management (SRM) – Products

storage resource management products are hard to find. i’ve compiled a list (in no specific order) of products i’ve found. If you have any others to add please do!! it’s actually been quite difficult to uncover some of the more advanced automation and storage management products.     Storage resource management (SRM): Storage resource management […]


Datacenter Storage

How does your datacenter storage look? We created a “storage asile”. There are 20 racks that we thought would be plenty during the datacenter build (approx 2 months ago). Now, there’s only a few racks left as we’re installing another new NetApp 6080. Here’s some pics:


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