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PowerShell: Find Installed NetApp Products

A slightly modified version of a scriptingGuy post to find NetApp software installed from a csv file (export from active directory)


vol maxfiles

I was asked the other day what happens with maxfiles. Maxfiles has to do with inodes on the NetApp. This can get full due to many small files in a volume and you can still have plenty of space but not have enough inodes. Basically, increasing the maxfiles cannot be reversed, however when you grow […]


NetApp: cli vol create – match SM2.2 vols

This is to match what System Manger 2.2 creates as a vol type but via CLI, some of us still batch out our commands in notepad so here yah go:


Android: Push file to sdcard with adb

I ran into the issue where Windows was not mounting the Phone’s SD card within windows, so I had to revert back to using adb. This method requires that you’ve download the drivers for your phone, along with the android sdk ( The SDK will download and you extract to any location of your choosing. […]

Update Disk Label

Ever had a system where you were running 7.3.x and got a new disk shelf intended for a 8.x release and the disks show as broken?


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