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Powershell: Connect to LogicMonitor’s REST API

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Way too long. I’ve had this script for quite a while that I wanted to share with the world. LogicMonitor is releasing a new REST API which requires some session based login. This script helps you obtain that session and download the audit log for the last hour. […]


Powershell: AutoTask – Get Picklist Values

When using AutoTask’s API it’s required to lookup a various amount of picklist values that are used in updating you’re web request. This is a powershell way to pull those picklist values. The first part of the script validates your AT URI, the second part gets the entity data, in this case I was looking […]

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PowerShell – NetApp Gather Volume Information

This is a simple script to gather volume information including dedupe schedule and autogrow settings. I’m going to combine this with my snapshot script in the future to make a recommended dedupe schedule based on the average snapshot times.

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OnCommand Core: Delete all Information Events

Found a solution on the NetApp communities for deleting the Informational events that plague OnCommand Core.

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Powershell: Gather NetApp Snapshot Details

Problem: Gathering snapshot statistics is a tedious task when looking at autosupports and cli output. I needed to gather information about oldest snapshot, average number of snaps per day, total snapshots, and other various information. Solution: A powershell script using the Data ONTAP PS Library. Read more for the script.

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cisco WS-C4900M: Set SSH

Just a quick note about configuring SSH on a Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switch: Note: You can leave the “telnet” off vty transport, but if you do ensure that you’ve tested SSH first!


Powershell: Download VMX file, Rename, Upload, Add to Inventory

I was tasked with migrating a VMware 4.1 to 5.1 environment. This created a slight issue due to the fact that environment ran vShield. For those of you not familiar, vShield on 4.1 had 2 additional lines in the VMX file that was manually added. These VFILE lines caused the VM not to boot if […]

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Powershell: List all VMs with Datastore

Script to list all the VMs that exist within your vCenter Server with their datastore.


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